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 Why are Rhino Linings coatings so exceptional? 

- they form stainless and non-corrosion surface with air and watertight connection between the coating and base area

- they are resistant to chemical impacts (acids, petrol …)
- they do not tear, crush and break, because they are made ​​of permanently elastic polyurethane
- they form a complete protection of the edges, corners and intermediate spaces with the proper pointing application process of injection
- they increase the slip resistance and save you the trouble of mooring difficult loads
- they are antistatic and extremely fireproof
- a simple and quick making within 1 day (dry to the touch in less than 60 s)
- they are characterized by lasting appearance and perfectly easy maintaining (no need for waxing and lacquering)
-  they are solvent-free, environmentally friendly and TÜV-tested in the field of food
- they can be put on various surfaces: metal, stone, wood, concrete, fiberglass …
- they are easy to repair in case of possible damage
- available in multiple colors

How does the order take place?

Quick and easy. Look for the additional equipment or spare parts that you need for your off-road vehicle on the link listed below. With a simple ordering process send us an inquiry through the website We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Omix-Ada is the world’s largest independent manufacturer and wholesale-only company with a full line of Jeep parts and accessories.

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Off-road driving is always a challenge. To help you cope with each challenge, which comes under your wheels, trust modification of your off-road vehicle to real experts.

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Horntools is a company from Austria. The passion for cars, off-road and men’s toys at first led them to the distribution of car parts, generators, tools and more, an then onto the bumpy road – and therefore away from the tarred street and into the pickup and 4×4 sector.