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About Us

The company Marolt 4×4 is run by a team of experts who swear on adrenaline that is directly related to off-road adventures. Driving through the roadless areas is a part of our lives, free time and working time. That is why we truly understand our customers, their wishes and requirements.
The company has more than 10-year tradition of extensive experience in modification of off-road vehicles, which eventually led us to a wide range of quality solutions and services. Because we always try to offer something new to our costumers, we will be strengthening and refining our offering in the future.
See you in Mozirje!

A brief history

The origins of the company date back to the year 2002, when Janez Marolt took over his father’s vulcanization workshop. Family business goes back to the year 1968. Janez was an active competitor in the national championships of off-road vehicles and multiple national champion. With his own modification and updating of his vehicle for off-road challenges, he has gained valuable knowledge and experience, which he has teamed up with progressive ideas. In 2002 the company became an exclusive representative for Trailmaster undercarriage for all-terrain vehicles. Two years later the company began to import spare parts and additional equipment for off-road vehicles of the Jeep brand. In 2008, the company became an exclusive representative for Rhino Linings in Slovenia. In 2010, Janez Marolt and Marjan Lesjak gave a new momentum to the company Marolt 4×4 Ltd. and today we are proud to say that we became one of the leading Slovenian companies in the field of off-road vehicles modification. With a wide range of services we are realizing diverse needs and desires of our customers, and we will continue to do so in the future.

How does the order take place?

Quick and easy. Look for the additional equipment or spare parts that you need for your off-road vehicle on the link listed below. With a simple ordering process send us an inquiry through the website We will contact you as soon as possible.

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